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Introducing the Gun-ee Sack

What is a Gun-ee Sack™? The solution to a guns worst enemy.....damaging moisture.

After a day of hunting or shooting, the gun and ammo go back in a case or gun safe. Everything is locked up and protected right?   Not so fast, today’s safes and cases are airtight with the intention of eliminating the harmful effects of outside elements.  The problem is, any moisture within the gun or ammunition has now been locked in with your investment.  A few weeks or months go by until the safe or case is opened only to reveal guns and ammunition that have been ruined by moisture and rust.


Throw out the ammo, postpone the hunting trip, now its time to have the guns professionally cleaned.


You shouldn’t have to worry about moisture ruining your guns, accessories or ammunition. With

the Gun-ee Sack™ you won’t have to. Included in each package is one 3”x4” pouch for use in removing moisture from gun safes, gun cases, ammo boxes and more.


Is Dri-Sport Reusable?

YES!  Dri-Sport pouches are reusable; however, the number of uses is dependent upon the amount of moisture absorbed.  Dri-sport technology is so powerful it will draw moisture directly from the surrounding air causing the crystals to expire more rapidly.  Therefore, keep your Dri-Sport pouches sealed in their protective pouch when not in use to prolong their effectiveness.

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